About Us

On a fine day of 16th April 2019, Just Storys was born as a brainchild of two veteran marketeers, Yaminul Haq and Breity Sabrin. It was based on two simple concepts: the power of strong content and immersive storytelling.

Imagine yourself reading a marvelous book or a brilliant movie. As you slowly immerse yourself in its gripping world, you find yourself attached to its characters. You start to anticipate the next move. It takes you on an emotional roller-coaster and whims you away to a different world altogether. You start to care about the core message of the story and as it ends, it leaves you with an aftertaste that you
never forget.

Our founders wanted to play on this very concept. They saw the potential for our audience and the brands to engage with each other in an immersive way other than direct advertisements. They wanted to explore this arena and after a long journey filled with ups and downs, here we are.

Here at Just Storys, our goal is simple. We want to tell stories that matter. And we want to create a creative hub where brands and audiences engage on a personal level. Through stories. Through valuable content. We want to become the one stop content solution provider in Bangladesh and we work relentlessly to reach our goal.

We might be young but we are driven by a fiery passion and backed by strong expertise from brilliant minds. It is a lone foray into the world of storytelling and we are only beginning. Welcome to the tale Just Storys.