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Keymakers Consulting Limited

Keymakers Consulting Limited is a full-service consultancy agency that provides research (quantitative and qualitative), consultancy, and content development support to its national and multinational Clients in the corporate and development sector. 


IMDigital is an omnichannel marketing agency based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Whether you want a single element of digital, creative or offline marketing – or an entire marketing strategy and delivery – we’re trusted by businesses from many sectors to provide the results they need.

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The Sugar Queen

Bitten by the storytelling bug, she is an advertising professional, a poet who prefers writing long, melancholic poems, and a weekend chef.

The Poet

She lives to write, she writes to live …. she believes, to survive you must tell stories… because it matters. she listens, she imagines, she explores. She is the alice, in her own storytelling wonderland.

The Tiger Woman

পরের মাঝে নিজেরে খোঁজে, আপনার মাঝে পর ঘরের মাঝে পথকে খোঁজে, নিত্য যাযাবর

The Peterpan

জীবনটাই তো একটা গল্প তাইনা? তাই গল্পের মাঝে গল্প খুঁজে যাই। গল্পের টানে জোনাকবনে হারাই, আবার ডাহুক পাখির গানে বুক পকেটে গল্প নিয়ে চলমান ক্যানভাসে ফিরে যাই  এইতো আমি, এভাবেই গল্পের মাঝে প্রতিনিয়ত হেটে হেটে শুরুতে ফিরে যাই।

The Dreamer

Through the viewfinder of his camera, he stared long and hard, at the mundane abyss of reality, trying to see the world in a new light – to penetrate the fog of conformity, anxiety and despair. All his years of advertising, storytelling, travelling, merry making and just surviving wasn’t able to sway him from his one true belief, “What you see is not only what you see – there’s always something more!”