Power of Storytelling

Advertising works best when it answers the ‘why’ of our needs. And the best answer to those ‘whys’ are through powerful stories. Stories that not only make the content memorable, but also lay a strong foundation for a brand.

Storytelling can also be used as a differentiator.
How will you separate brands that have same things to offer? Eg: KFC, Burger King, Mc Donalds.

In the past, brands that’ve stuck to powerful storytelling have later evolved to be the market leaders.

Here’s an example of how Vodafone launched it’s first IPL campaign with Zoo Zoos

Here’s an example of the brand moving forward with it’s new characters Zumi

To simply put, stories that come from our daily lives are the ones that shape great brands. If a brand wants to be part of our lives, then our lives have to become part of that brand.

Here are few more examples of best use of Storytelling for Brands:

Ending this with an expert from Tyrion Lannister on storytelling