Social Media Detox

Survive a social media detox: How to not waste your time

Suddenly I felt, need to detox my social media life. A few days back I was scrolling my Facebook feed. There are many groups that have been created for the Corona Virus. Each and every group is sharing some rumor, some misleading information. I saw some are asking to have Centella Asiatica, Before Fazr. Some people did that also. Though those leaves are good for health, a rumor is not good for health. Besides this, there are many rumors. My feed was looking like a rumor field. That’s why I have decided to keep myself from social media. We need to do social media detox and keep ourselves in this toxic time and era. 

What is detox?

Social Media Detox
Social Media Detox

Now the question is what is detox?  Normally the word is used for the body to remove our body toxins which is harmful to us. But Social Media Detox refers to a period of time when we willingly keep ourselves away from mobile, laptop, tablet, social media and social media platforms. Social media is now becoming more and toxic. People love to show off, which causes toxic media life. She is that much beautiful, he has much more money than me, their friend circle is bigger and their bond is more powerful than us. They are always laughing and smiling. All these things making our life toxic. We are going into more depression. 

Social Media and Detox

Social Media is now a part of our daily life. If you want you can’t stay away from it. For educational purposes to office work, to keep communication with near and dear ones you need to use social media. With the overuse of it toxic now we need to detox. So, you can maintain a distance from social media. You may not fully away from the internet. But You can keep a distance from it. The time you are giving on social media spend on reading books or cooking or gardening. Maybe you could practice singing or dancing or you can paint. Keep your internet connection off for a few times. On the very first, you may stay away from social media for 1 hour per day. The following day it could be 2 or 3 hours. A one week Social Media Detox period will heal you from inside. 

What should we do

Social Media Detox
Give Time to yourself

Every type of toxic needed to be detoxed. As toxins that are harmful to health and mind and life. Now it’s your time to detox yourself from social media and use the time in a proper way. When you are away from social media, try to divert your mind not to go back. Read a good book, watch TV sometimes, cook food or make tea. Spend time with your family. If you have a pet or a small garden or a plant, take care of it. Every day try to spend more time without your phone or laptop. For us, its actually to remove all kinds of apps from mobile or from the laptop. You can do one thing, turn off the notifications if the internet connection is off. In the morning, when you are getting up, instead of checking Instagram feed, do some exercise for 30 minutes, before you start work. When you are working, do focus on that only. No social media scrolling, no posting or sharing photos, videos or memes.

As we are in the digital era, we can’t leave social media fully. But we can keep ourselves away from toxic content and detox ourselves. Use the extra time we used in social media in some productive work, that will not be a waste of time. 

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